David Jetter

Fitness Coach

At Motivational Fitness David Jetter has the passionate desire and ability to pull out the inner strength and manifest the best out of anyone especially his clients!

He uses a component that has developed extraordinary people for centuries using their internal inspiration, with MOTIVATIONAL FITNESS as the key to their newly found destination.

He provides a workout sanctuary that executes excellence with his unique, fun filled effective training method like no other.

Knowing that this can’t be replicated with the versatility and originality that makes you become one with the exercise. whether you are a novice or professional you have a fitness home that welcomes you to transform your mind, body and spirit at Motivational Fitness. initiate endless possibilities when you step into the workout sanctuary that welcomes all.

With the understanding that one method doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone you will have a designed blueprint designated specifically for you.

Progression is based on the foundation, if the foundation of a house is weak or built incorrectly it is inevitable that the outcome will become detrimental! That same principle applies for the human anatomy.

He specializes in one on one training from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. His primary goal is to bring the best out of you and create longevity to your extraordinary existence!

This can also be your workout residence like many others transforming your mind, body and spirit since 2009!

Knockout all of your fitness needs with one punch at the window of opportunity, Motivational Fitness.

Our goal is your success!