The Effective 30 is a thirty-minute challenging workout designed for those who are limited in time. You come in and there is no workout preparation movement, we get right into it.

It incorporates various training methods such as H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training), Core Training, Combative Training Methods on top of many other uniquely designed drills to give you the best workout for your valued time. Another benefit is it is extremely affordable! Two people can also train together for an additional fee. If time is your nemesis, you have no excuses now!


If your looking for an exhilarating workout that penetrates your lack of confidence or improves your health come throw a 1-2 and change your life forever! From 8 to 80 It’s never to late or early to start. The intricate combinations develop cognitive skills and is beneficial overall. It has also been scientifically proven that it helps individuals that have Parkinson disease. Reap all the benefits without the sacrifice of a fighter. Put your hands up and lets go!


Kick your way into flexibility, hand foot coordination, leg stamina with repetitive drills that will make you feel like an elite fighter. Women can find the right spot to kick that male attacker and it may just save your life!


Cardio Fitness with A Punch… Contains elements of mix martial arts, boxing, body resistance & core training, stability work, mental conditioning, cardiovascular & flexibility training.


Mix Martial Arts conditioning is designed to give the fighter the cardiovascular strength, explosive power, speed, agility and the athleticism he or she needs. We use interval training with other diversified techniques. The secret in my training is that I condition the fighters using JetterBox training!


Bullying is the big buzzword in schools these days. To help combat the bullying epidemic, Motivational Fitness has created a program that will help at-risk kids or adults learn how to handle bullies. We’ll teach your child the physical skills and the mental habits that will allow him or her to walk through school or life with confidence and improved self-esteem. If you think your child is or might be at risk of being bullied, you owe it to him or her to call us today!


Clients must use hand sanitizer and get their temperature taken before entering the gym! After all sessions the gym is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Motivational Fitness Package Rates and Options

Payment required before training starts


60 minutes of individual, personal training 1 time per week/ 4 times plus per month

$360/per month


60 minutes of individual, personal training 2 times per week/ 8 times plus per month

$560/per month

Gold Plus

60 minutes of individual, personal training 3 times per week/ 12 times plus per month

$720/per month


60 minutes of individual, personal training 4 times per week/ 16 times plus per month

$800/per month

Optional Packages

40 60-minute sessions – $3,000
($75 a session)

20 60-minute sessions – $1,900
($95 a session)

10 – 60 minute sessions – $1,000
($100 a session)

5 – 60 minute sessions – $500

($100 a session)

The Effective 30 – 10 – 30 minute sessions –$500
($50 a session) 

5 – 30 minute sessions – $250
($50 a session)

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