Female Tips – Preventative Action on Becoming Physically VIOLATED!

Female Tips – Preventative Action on Becoming Physically VIOLATED!

  1. Do not become oblivious to your surroundings
  2. Try to travel in groups of two or more
  3. When shopping try to park in well lit areas
  4. Do not drink until intoxicated or impaired 
  5. Do not leave any beverage unattended 
  6. Do not take a beverage from anyone especially at a party
  7. Keep an eye on your drink so no one can slip anything in it
  8. Enter your car with precaution and awareness, open the car with adequate time before entering
  9. Carry mace with easy access
  10. Avoid alleys
  11. Learn self-defense 
  12. Stay away from males with a sense of entitlement 
  13. Create a code word amongst friends 
  14. Tell the attacker you are sick with a deadly contagious disease if attempting to rape
  15. Stay out of rooms with males who are under the influence 
  16. Be careful of public restrooms 
  17. Remember most cases of sexual violation is from someone the victim knew or a family member 
  18. Make sure your phone is always charged
  19. When leaving and entering your house, look for anything suspicious or check to see if you are being monitored 
  20. If you see a van as you’re getting in your car or walking getting close enough for abduction, AVOID or react accordingly!
  21. If you are forced in a vehicle immediately look for an exit and go for it with no hesitation, if possible 
  22. Learn to trust your gut instincts 
  23. Keep personal information private
  24. Yell, shout, draw attention to yourself if in danger
  25. Be assertive if somebody is giving you unwanted attention

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